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We are the Mid West’s go-to practice for all foot, ankle and lower limb problems. We love what we do and in doing so, offer a vast range of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services.

Our team of accredited health professionals have years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and provide the highest level of care.

We will help you achieve the desired quality of life through treatment programs that are built on your goals and expectations.

Ankle and Foot Health Group is committed to keeping you up and running!

Our Services


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) delivers high magnitude pulses of mechanical energy triggering your body’s natural healing mechanisms.


Gait analysis is a vital part of our assessment. It requires both static and dynamic assessment to gain a thorough understanding of your foot mechanics.


The VACO range of boots are modern alternatives to the plaster cast and assists with immobilising the lower leg.


If poor mechanics are identified as a contributing factor in your lower limb condition, we can recommend a range of orthotics.


Through foot mobilisation techniques, the muscles are able to work more effectively resulting in an immediate improvement of the painful symptoms.


Revere is a footwear brand available exclusively through podiatrists. We are excited to bring Revere to the Mid West community!

FOOTWEAR – Dr. Comfort

The VACO range of boots are modern alternatives to the plaster cast and assists with immobilising the lower leg.

Meet The Team

Ankle and Foot Health Group is the realisation of a dream for Anna. Growing up in regional Victoria, Anna aspired from a young age to become a podiatrist and have her own practice.
Ruth joined the team in July 2012. Stepping into the footsteps of her Grandfather, she developed an early interest in the medical field and improving peoples health.
Gerrard has re-joined the team this year after spending 3 years working for a sports rehabilitation clinic in New Zealand. He had the opportunity to work closely with the All Blacks and their Super 15 teams.


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